Who We Are

Brighter Strides is a leading provider of ABA therapy services for children on the Autism Spectrum. Our team of highly skilled behavioral therapists are dedicated and passionate about their work and take great pride in seeing each child succeed. To date, we have helped many children learn, grow and maximize their potential.

We specialize in providing intensive, individualized one-to-one treatment rooted in the principles of ABA to meet our clients’ needs. Our treatment plans focus on increasing skills that will lead to increased opportunities, involvement, and independence while simultaneously decreasing problem behavior and other barriers to learning.

Our Team

We are a team of compassionate and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Behavior Technicians. Each member of our team has been selected for commitment to making a positive impact in your child’s development. We invite you to get in touch and enjoy a winning partnership experience.

Insurances We Accept

Frequently asked questions

Contact our office and a member of our team will schedule an intake session to determine your child’s needs and check eligibility for services with your insurance. provider. With insurance approval, your child will be assessed by a qualified BCBA who will interpret data and design a customized treatment plan.

We provide therapy services for individuals ages 1-21, in the comfort of their home, community setting, or academic environment.

Our team collaborates with your child’s daycare or school staff to coordinate on-site sessions during daytime hours.

Most insurances cover ABA therapy services. Contact a team member to check your eligibility as well as patient responsibility.


Our team is here to assist you in this process. Contact us for any assistance.