Center-based ABA Services

Our Center is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am-7:00pm, with full day, partial day and hybrid (clinic & home based) models. 

Say ‘yes’ to social skills.
One of the most significant benefits of center-based ABA therapy is the ability to improve and increase social skills and interactions with peers. Our new center’s safe and clean social skills room allows your child to practice what they learn in their Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) without having to leave the building. Our program is an inclusive setting to generalize communication & group skills in a 1:1 or low ratio setting.

Early Intervention Program

Preschool-like setting for children up to age 6 with focus on communication, social interactions, and school-readiness skills in individualized therapy and peer groups

School Age & Adolescent Programs

Promoting self-advocacy, emotional awareness and regulation, and vocational needs in peer groups, with therapists, and through natural environment teaching 

Parent Support

Workshops, meetings and training empower you to carry over goals from the center into your home setting

Sensory Integration Room

Dedicated space with specialized equipment for children to self-regulate in a supportive environment

Why choose center-based
ABA therapy?

The clinic experience gives your child:

  • Access to a variety of models to suit different needs
  • Programs developed and overseen by BCBAs and implemented by our Behavior Technicians
  • Mastery of language, behavior, life skills, community-based skills, and school- readiness skills