Professional And Quality Services

Detailed Initial Assessments

One of our highly qualified BCBA will assess your child to create a personalized treatment plan. We consider each family’s needs, applicable school situation, and every child’s skillset.

In-Home ABA Therapy

An ABA Therapist will come to your home and work with your child individually. Personal sessions guarantee individual attention and care for your child.

Behavior Plans/ Consultations

With input from all stakeholders, including the parents and teachers, we collect targeted data and create an analysis. This allows us to best help your child.

Family Training and support

Parents are always the first and most direct line of care to a child. As such, there is a strong parent training element to all of our behavior plans which include collecting parental input relating to therapy and helping parents be a part of the positive therapy process.

School Based Support

Our staff works in close collaboration with your child’s educators to ensure the school is getting the necessary training and supervision for consistent methods of behavioral intervention.

Benefit Checks

We communicate any resources that may be available to you and your child, the status of your insurance coverage, and if there are any additional costs involved.